Interview of Genocidal Tendencies

age,sex location?

m:male,born 1980 and am from okinawa

you're from japan in okinawa,do you think it affect you in an artistic way?

what are your inspiration source book,nature weather your mood at the moment?

m: live in a place where the characteristics of the area are easily noticeable,

so I don't want to focus on that and recognize what I'm doing as an illusion,

so I try not to put it out as easily as possible.
In that sense, whether or not it has an effect.
There are times when we casually incorporate local elements,

but it is a form that pays homage to the music bars and clubs that we usually

go to.

your moniker "genocidal tendencies" sound cryptic on occidental country does

it provocation or about the two atomic bomb in japan in the 2nd world war?

maybe it's a mispelling from japanese language to english word?

m:As for the name, it's almost the same as my previous answer.
I'm also adding a bit about the original name of the unit.

as listener could you advice and explain your differents alias and the differents styles you're making

it seems you perform noise music but also more techno sound i guess as dj?

m:In the name of Suicidal Tendencies, in homage,I had been thinking about the unit name for about two years
When I first released Join-1, I intended to end up with a single story.

After that, from the flow immediately after releasing Join-2, which I played experimentally

This is a project where I started to do Genocidal Diigital and started to see the route in earnest.

suicidal tendencies is a musical band?


Suicidal Tendencies

Incidentally, Thundercat was also a former member.

what yours motivations at the beguinning when you're young to making music or art ?

m:When I was about 20 years old, I learned how to use Illustrator and Photoshop

(the basics of the basics)

at a vocational training course, so I wanted to somehow design jackets.

I tried asking people I knew who played in bands, but there weren't many,

so I made a compilation by myself as a sample, and that's how it all started.

This was the predecessor label of xo-archives, and it's been about 20 years ago.

I've found the data for the first compilation, which I'll probably release on Bandcamp

around September.    (^^;

what do you use for making music i understand you use iphone for genocidal tendencies?

you use more fields recordings or generate sound by hardware or software?

m:In Genocidal Tendencies, I play sounds that I've taken with the default recording app on

my iPhone,

or played around with in apps like iKaossilator, and finally dropped them into a sampler app

do you making some physical release?where can we found them?

m:Until two years ago, the main release was in CDR, but since the CDR broke,

it has become Bandcamp main.Also, there are a few splits, compilations,

and guest participation.

wich genre of music are you listen more?

m:i listen more to rock and techno,it is a short list :

iron butterfly
Deep Purple
Tomoyasu Hotei
Pearl Jam
Atari Teenage Riot
Fumiya Tanaka

you seem more interesting by hard rock ,psychedelic rock does it inspire you for your creativity,

i mean like a sponteanity similarities to make noise?

m:I like hard rock and psychedelic rock because my parents used to listen to bands like Murasaki and Iron Butterfly.

In my case, I can't play an instrument such as guitar or organ, so I have a longing and respect for them.

Now I try to play those sounds with my own approach, even though I can't play instruments.

Hard rock, psychedelic rock, pop music, techno, hip-hop, punk, music in general is my inspiration.

thank's for your answers feel good to listen to your explaination hope we're making some music again